You’ll want to see what’s over at LUSH for Easter, trust us

Fill our Easter baskets with bath bombs, please (and of course a little chocolate). Following up on their amazing selection for Valentine’s Day, LUSH has a whole set of Easter-themed products now. Easter Bunny, are you listening?

Fluffy Egg

Bath bomb

Oh, fairytales. They’re so full of clouds of comforting hot pink fluffiness. Everything smells like the sweep of air that follows your footsteps outside sweet shops. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you spot adorable candy flowers spinning off in the bath. You feel like you’re dancing through the air, light as anything; it’s a nightmare. But hey, if that sort of thing appeals…


Humpty Dumpty

Bath bomb

As soon as the cheerful egghead with the unravelling bow tie touches the water, his caramel-smooth personality is revealed in notes of bright bergamot and Brazilian orange oil. Crack a smile as his outer shell breaks away, revealing a hidden alter-eggo (scrambling for puns over here). His innards appear as a perfectly formed fried egg (an all vegan variety of course). If you’re in a hump and down in the dumps, it’s now superbly easy to flip your spirits onto the sunnyside.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Troubles melt like lemon drops with this uplifting neroli soap – simply let its rich and fruity perfume lift you up and pop you back on your feet. The vibrant ingredients inside might not be from Oz, but sunny citrus oils, like Sicilian mandarin and Tunisian neroli tone and brighten the skin to leave you feeling fresh and fragrant. A dash of Turkish rose keeps things sweet and adds a rich floral note to this sunny lather.




Come over to the dark side of the rainbow to bathe in decadent violet and jasmine bubbles, flecked with twinkling snowflake lustre and deep purple waters. Grounding rosewood adds rich floral notes to this sweet bubbly fragrance, helping you to find the silver lining from your bath.


Golden Egg

Bath bomb melt

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Toffee-scented, molten gold and packed full of Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter? Soak in a dazzling bath of moisturising olive oil and golden lustre until your skin feels softer than caramel and smells more chocolatey than Mr Wonka’s factory. Uplifting bergamot and sweet, wild orange oils help to tone and brighten, giving a sweet fruitiness to this most luxurious soak.


Which Came First

Bath bomb

If this sweet and citrussy bath bomb can’t answer the age-old question then what can? Crack open the generously-sized pink egg to coax out the chick inside and enjoy three egg-cellent soaks over a couple of nights. Or, if you fancy something really decadent, use the entire bomb at once to infuse your bath water with deliciously sweet, fuchsia waters brimming over with fruity fragrance. What did the chicken cross the road? To get to the bathroom of course!


Bouncy Bunny

Shower gel

Bounce back from Easter indulgence with the uplifting Brazilian orange oil in this perky jelly and get ready to wobble your way to bright, juicy showers! Brazilian orange oil is brightening and toning on the skin and has a gorgeously sunny fragrance to help you wake up in the morning, while carrageenan extract is soft and gentle on your skin. Simply chill or freeze your jelly for a super-refreshing shower, or scoop straight out of the pot and smooth all over the body to work up a soft lather.


Bunch of Carrots


Dig up the dirt on refreshing tropical bathing with this adorable trio of carrots. Hold one of these reusable carrots under running water to send bubbly clouds of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils scurrying across your bath, and then pop it on the side for next time. The distinctive, bright colours of this heritage bunch make it an attractive addition to Easter baskets and Easter bathtimes alike.


Spring Bunny

Bath bomb

Like all the most healthy bunnies, this one is packed full of carrot. As it bounds around the bath, the vivid aroma of Sicilian lemon shoots to the surface, tangled with carrot oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. A mischievous adventurer, why not hide it around the garden or house for an alternative Easter hunt? If you find it in time, spring to the bath for a sunny, energising treat. Quickly though, if not it will be just some bunny that you used to know…


They also have a selection of multi-item gift sets, so head on over to LUSH to check them out! Or, send the Easter Bunny that way.

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