Luminites Announce Debut Single Release. POP BITS

POP BITS. We are very happy to be able to announce that Luminites, our favourite contestants from this year’s Britain’s Got Talent (sorry… no, we can’t remember who won), have revealed details of their shiny new debut single, and we’ve got all the goss for you here!

Ben, Corey, JJ and Steph are due to release their first single ‘Do Something’ on November 10. The single is described as an “upbeat pop” track and, according to the band, is about “grabbing the bull by the horns and jumping at the opportunities life throws your way”.

Speaking of the track, the band said: “Everything we’ve done and all the success we’ve achieved so far has been down to us putting ourselves out there and making the most of everything that’s come our way and that’s why this song means so much to us. We are so excited to be releasing our first ever single and hope people enjoy it.” We bet they’re not as excited as we are…

We saw the band give their first SHAMAZING (oops, wrong show) performance of the track at the Nickelodeon Fruit Shoot Skills Awards over the weekend and have been hooked on it ever since! POP BITS OUT.

‘Do Something’ will be released on November 10. Listen to a teaser below:

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