Pop Star Vs A Vegetable: Luke Hemmings vs Onions

We’re back again for another round of Pop Star Vs A Vegetable, and this time 5SOS’s frontman, Luke Hemmings, is getting the MP! treatment. Can Mr Hemmings outmatch a garden vegetable, or will the onion be taking the victory this time?


First off, we’ve got the APPEARANCE ROUND. Now, we know this may deemed a tad shallow, but bear with us – here at MP! we believe this to be a foundational aspect of this game.

Candidate numero uno: the onion.

Shiny coat, yellowy tone, weird fuzzy bits on the top and bottom. Overall, not the ugliest of veggies, but still not winning any beauty competitions.

Candidate numero dos: Luke Hemmings.

Blonde spiky hair, amazing blue eyes, only 18 – I think there’s a clear winner.

Luke 1 – Onion 0


This might be a tricky one…So, about 9,000,000 acres of onions are grown worldwide every year, making for a WHOLE LOT of onions bought and eaten annually. Luke Hemmings, on the other hand, with his band 5SOS sold 259,000 copies of their first album in a single week in July.

Unfortunately, Luke just can’t compete with 9 million acres, so this round goes to the onion.

Luke 1 – Onion 1


Standing 5 ft 10″, Luke definitely has a bit of an advantage over his competitor, the onion. The largest onion in the world weighs in at a hefty 8.5kg, but even then, this veggie can’t compete with the size of Mr Hemmings.

New World's Biggest Onion is an eye-watering sight

On a side note: we can’t bear to imagine the crestfallen expression of the previous record holder for world’s larger onion. Just look at how happy that previously-prize-winning onion made him:

Luke 2 – Onion 1


Luke, being outrageously busy as front man of one of the world’s biggest bands at the moment, isn’t quite as available as the common onion, which you can probably pick up Tescos across the nation, as well as local green grocers.

However, 5SOS is hitting UK arenas this summer a total of 27 different shows, bumping up their availability stats.

Still though, until we can pick up Luke along with some apples and a pint of milk, onions are going to have the advantage in this round.

Luke 2 – Onion 2


Fried, caramelised, plunged in batter and served in rings, paired up with cheese in Walkers crisps – onions can be delicious. However, without some sort of added ingredient to mellow out the onion’s natural stench, this veggie is pretty awful.

Luke, on the other hand…

Though we have no actual real-life experience of being in the close company of this talented 18 year old, we’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Point to Hemmings!

Luke 3 – Onion 2

Well, there you have it: the latest round of Pop Star Vs. Vegetable, and the pop star has won it. Congrats to Mr Hemmings on this very prestigious win.

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Written by Laura Fulton

Book Channel Editor at MaxPop! Have a thing for the sea and pretty paperbacks. Saved by amazing grace.

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