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Luke Hemmings talks about 5SOS pre first album and we’re super emotional

5SOS are probably one of the most successful bands to hail from Australia and so many amazing opportunities are popping up for them. But life wasn’t always like that for our four fave Aussies.

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Recently speaking to Young Post, 5SOS frontman Luke Hemmings, recalls the toughest time for the band and how he didn’t anticipate the band taking off with the success they have now.

” [Our toughest time was] Probably when we were starting our first album. We didn’t have any fans at that point.”

“We weren’t signed to a record label for a long time. We didn’t really know if it was gonna work, but we stuck to our guns. I thought, this is all I have. I’m not good at anything else.”

Hemmo talked about how he joined the band as an ‘all or nothing’ mentality, saying “so, this is it for me, this is kind of all or nothing. Being in a band is also great. you kind of egg each other on and make each other realise what you’re doing it for. I feel like I’d struggle as a solo artist.”

Well, what a turnout for the books your career has become, Lukey boy! We’re so blooming proud of our boys and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

What 5SOS moment are you most proud of? Tweet us @maximumpop and let’s reminisce on the rise of one of our most favourite bands.

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