Who loves ‘Star Wars’? Luke Hemmings loves ‘Star Wars’.

In a galaxy far far away, there is a young man called Luke Hemmings who is training to become a Jedi. Bittersweetly, we’re on planet Earth and we’ve got rockstar Luke.


Funnily, Luke loves Star Wars and has actually been watching it since he was a little kid. “I think I was eight, and my mum got me a lightsaber toy afterwards, I’ve always liked Luke Skywalker because he’s got the same name as me. He reminds me of myself. Just a dude from nowhere and wanted to be a jedi and he did it. He’s cool.”

We bet young Luke would have been pretty excited to know he’d be interviewing the new cast once he was a insanely popular band. “Yeah. I just started watching the whole series again. As a young person I love Star Wars. We just got offered the opportunity. I think it’s just, like, a thing where it’s like, a big movie that came out and we’re, like, a band in the spotlight. So you know it was a cool thing that we could do!”


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