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“You have to really pick and choose your people.” Wanna be Luke Hemmings’ friend? Then don’t do it for the fame.

5 Seconds of Summer have taken the world by storm, they’re playing a bloody world tour! Things aren’t as easy as you’d expect though, Luke sat down with ‘Young Post’ and admitted he is wary of making new friends.


We’d expect there to be some fishy people out there, trying to be their buds for fame, but no need to worry as Luke can smell them a mile off. “You have to really pick and choose your people. You know, I think you learn how to do that as you go through this kind of thing. You also don’t relate to anyone at home as much anymore.”

Luke also mentioned his old buds.“If you go back and try to do things with them, you really gotta make an effort. I just go back and be a normal dude, because people who you’re friends with for the right reasons just stay with you.”

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We don’t care about the fame, Luke. Just sing to us 24/7 and we can be ultimate BFFs.


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