VIDEO OFF: Lukay Vs Zernell Fontaine

We love ourselves some new artists here at MP! Towers especially ones with oodles of talent! Luckily we found ourselves two in the form of Lukay and Zernell Fontaine. Both of these boys are amazing talents and we expect them to be pretty big but we can’t choose which one we prefer! There is only one way to settle this: A MAXIMUM POP! VIDEO-OFF!

[column width=half][/column]
[column width=half last=true][/column]


[column width=half]Lukay, new kid on the block. Fan of jumpers and dancing.[/column]
[column width=half last=true]Zernell Fontaine. Fan of dramatic poses and music.[/column]


[column width=half] ‘Dance with You’.[/column]
[column width=half last=true]’Growing Pains’.[/column]


[column width=half] Plenty of them in the 50s cafe and everywhere else. Quite a cute guy abundance we have to admit.[/column]
[column width=half last=true]Just one, but fortunately he’s a real cutie so that kind of works in his favour.[/column]


[column width=half] None.[/column]
[column width=half last=true]It’s pretty much infused with dubstep and drum-and-bass. It’s actually kind of cool that the song incorporates this into the song rather than just being tacked on during the middle eight.[/column]

[column width=half] Oh, there’s so many. Enough to rival a Jason DeRulo video easily and they’re all really good. Lukay is pretty good at it too and the sequences in the underground escalators and the buses are pretty fun.[/column]
[column width=half last=true]Does moving around dramatically count? No? Then, none, we guess. Mind you, anything can be classed as dancing these days.[/column]

[column width=half]A HUGE one, one that really propels the rest of the song which would fall a bit flat otherwise.[/column]
[column width=half last=true]There definitely is a chorus there, but we’ve heard much bigger and better, which is a shame as the rest of the song is amazing. We are loving the proper use of dubstep and drum and bass.[/column]


[column width=half]Yep.[/column]
[column width=half last=true]No.[/column]

Our verdict? It’s like comparing some ripe strawberries and cream and the Tulisa album – they’re completely different and so we can’t say one way or another as we do have a penchant for both the brooding monochrome dubstep videos as well as the bright and colourful dance R&B extravaganzas.

What do you guys think? Check out the videos for ‘Dance With You’ and ‘Growing Pains’ and decide which pop newcomer deserves a place on MP’s MP3 player. Voting is now closed!

Result: WOW! We guess Zernell Fontaine is our new fave R&B/ Pop star after receiving 93.18% of the over all vote! There’s nothing painful about that, Zernell!

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Written by Oliver Meakings

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