We wish we had a friend like this! This girl’s just bought 100 copies to share this wonderful book

Lucy Sutcliffe is a vlogger extraordinaire turned author. Her gorgeous book ‘Girl Hearts Girl’ tells her story. Her life on YouTube, falling in love online and coming out – it’s all there, and it’s so inspirational. (You can grab yourself a copy right here.)


We got to have a chat with Lucy about all things ‘Girl Hearts Girl’ and YouTube.

What made you want to document your story in a memoir? Growing up without an LGBT role model or character to aspire to made for a very lonely and isolated existence. In ‘Girl Hearts Girl’, I talk about the importance of sharing our stories with one another. Memoir is such an important genre. Being able to identify with someone else’s experiences is such a wonderful feeling, and by writing ‘Girl Hearts Girl’, it’s my hope that the next generation of LGBT kids won’t grow up feeling lonely like I did. I firmly believe that if my story helps just one person in some tiny town in the middle of nowhere feel less like an alien, then I’d have done my job.

How has having your YouTube channel changed your life? It’s changed my life in so many ways! For starters, I don’t think I’d have written ‘Girl Hearts Girl’ if it wasn’t for YouTube. Having a large online following has also made me a lot more conscious of my thoughts and actions, which is so important when there are people who look up to you.

The weirdest thing for me will always be the ‘getting recognised’ thing. It’s not like it happens every day, but once in a while I’ll be at the grocery store or walking down the street and someone will come up to me and ask to take a picture. It’s insane!


Did you know that Lucy’s currently doing UK signing events? Check ’em out!

Has it ever felt strange to document your life online? A little bit, yes – mostly because it’s so odd to look back so vividly on things that I would have otherwise forgotten. It’s both good and bad, I think.

What’s been the best thing about being a debut author so far? Knowing how far my book has reached is just incredible. I’ll receive photos from people reading ‘Girl Hearts Girl’ on the beach in Dubai, and tweets from people telling me that they’ve spotted someone reading it across the aisle on a plane or on the tube. I get people emailing me saying that their tiny village bookstore or school library has decided to stock it. One girl in China told me she’d ordered 100 copies for everyone in her local book club. It’s crazy in the best possible way. I walk around all day with the biggest smile on my face!

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How did you react when you saw your book in real life for the first time? I did a sort of weird laugh-cry for like 15 minutes straight. It was weird and wonderful and insane and brilliant.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the book. I’ve always found it very cathartic to talk about my feelings and experiences. There’s something so therapeutic about getting something off your chest, whether that be out loud, on paper, or through some other medium (what I’m saying is, I just wanted an excuse to talk about myself for a solid 200 pages).

In all seriousness though, I was inspired to talk about my life in the hopes that other people could find comfort in my story. I truly hope I’ve fulfilled that wish.


What have you read and loved so far this year? Oh, so many! I read ‘The Glass Castle,by Jeanette Walls earlier this year and I still think about it a lot. I love books like that – ones that stick around in your brain long after you’ve turned the final page. I really enjoyed Sue Perkins’ ‘Spectacles,’ too. I’d love to read Mara Wilson’s memoir next, I’ve heard it’s brilliant.

Tell us why you love ‘Girl Hearts Girl’ in the comments below. 

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