X-clusive! Lucy Spraggan – the first interview!

Words by Jon G

We all saw guitar-wielding Lucy Spraggan spring through the auditions on Saturday’s X Factor, wowing the judges and the Manchester crowd with her quirky “beer fear” ditty ‘Last Night’, but ONLY Maximum Pop! grabbed a chat with the very lady herself!

So, Lucy. Amazing first audition! What was going through your mind just before you opened your mouth to sing?
Thank you! All I could see was that huge audience, the lights were very bright too, I just knew I needed to get rid of the nerves and start playing. I was so nervous and shaking quite a lot, but as soon as the audience started cheering and clapping along it felt amazing.

How did it feel when you got four YES votes to go through to Boot Camp?
You’d think it’d be a massive feeling of relief, but it’s quite the opposite. As of then it’s all real, and you realise how much you really want to make it. But initially, you are just happy and thankful that it went well!

Who is your favourite judge?
I couldn’t pick just one… I was a massive N-Dubz fan as a teenager, so it’s great to see Tulisa sitting there in the panel. But, at the same time, Gary Barlow is one of the most credible and respected song writers in the world. They’re all my favourite though, we’ll just say that!

What makes you different from the average X Factor contestant?
This time round I don’t think there is an average X Factor contestant; everyone that I have seen is so different. I’m just doing what I do and hoping people like it.

You’ve been writing your own material and gigging for years. Why did you decide to enter The X Factor?
I’ve always been the type to take every opportunity as soon as it comes around. I was told you could play an instrument AND use your original material this year, so there was no doubt in my mind as whether or not to do it. Considering the sheer amount exposure this show has to offer, it would be stupid not to. I have no regrets!

As a writer, did you have any worries about whether you’ll have enough creative control within the X Factor format?
This year, The X Factor is said to have been shaken up and stood on its head; it’s going to be different from the other years. Whether or not they are going to loosen the creative reigns is something we’ll see as the show progresses but I’m just going to go with the flow.

How will you make sure that you’re a Leona Lewis success and not a Matt Cardle-style flop?
I’m going to keep gigging like I have been for years. With music, you get out what you put in, and I’ve always given it my all. I’m not going to stop now!

Who were your favourite contestants from last year?
I liked Misha B and Janet Devlin most, and there’s always room for 2 Shoes in my life.

You could conceivably be Christmas Number One in four months’ time! What is your all-time favourite Christmas Number One single?
In 2004 I was a big fan of Band Aid 20 – my favourite bit was Dizzee Rascal’s rap!

Which song would you pull out of the bag in the final week to win the competition?
If I got to the final, I would be over the moon. I haven’t had a chance to even consider what I’m doing at Boot Camp yet!

Please summarise Lucy Spraggan in three words.
I hate describing myself! Short, 21, GSOH… just kidding! Probably happy, anxious and ready.

Finally, do you have a message for Maximum Pop! readers?
Thank you for all the support out there, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thank you, Lucy!

Lucy Spraggan is on Twitter.

The X Factor is on ITV1 from now until eternity.

We can’t stop singing along to ‘Last Night’!

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