Lucy Hale is getting her very own TV show and we are on cloud nine


So ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ is about to end and we’re not particularly happy about it.

It’s safe to say the fandom are gutted too.

We don’t like it when things end… particularly TV shows we can binge.

Anyway, the series may be 10 episodes away from ending forever, but fear not, our queen Lucy Hale will still be on our TVs.

QUIZ: Which gif is your reaction to ‘Pretty Little Liars’ ending?

What could be in that ‘Pretty Little Liars’ black box? We’ve got a few ideas…

The show will be called ‘Life Sentence’ (ooh, drama) and Lucy is set to be the lead character.

The show is about a woman who is misdiagnosed with terminal cancer. Believing she’s going to die, she makes the most of her last days. But, after realising she’ll actually stay alive, she then has to deal with the consequences of what she’s done.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? We can’t wait and neither can you guys!

That’s all the information we know at the moment. Everything else (important stuff like when we’re going to be able to watch it!) is still a secret.

How excited are you for ‘Life Sentence’? Let us know in the comments below!

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