Lucy and Lydia talk ‘Destination: Disney Style’ and attending Perrie Edwards’ birthday party

Beauty and fashion vloggers Lucy and Lydia are the very epitome of real life Disney princesses. It goes without saying, then, that we couldn’t think of anyone more suited to talking about style in our very own capital city for ‘Destination Disney Style’.


We got to talk to the girls all about the series, as well as asking the all important questions about their favourite Disney princesses and what it was like to attend Perrie Edwards’ birthday party.

To start, can you give us an insight into what ‘Destination: Disney Style’ is all about?

Lydia: So basically, ‘Destination: Disney Style’… We were involved with the London episode and it’s a five part series showing Disney style all around the world.

Lucy: And we did London style, which was loads of fun, wasn’t it?

Lydia: Yeah, really good!

Lucy & Lydia

What were some of the best bits of the Disney collaborations you’ve seen that you liked the most?

Lydia: Oh, I really love the Winnie the Pooh x Cath Kidston collection, just because there was kind of bits of everything there with obviously kitchen wear, the cups and saucers which we do have in our flat at home. And then there was clothing pieces, make-up bags.

There was literally everything. And then they also had an amazing Minnie and Mickey collection, and it was so nice to see how it was like the original patterns that Cath Kidston have created, but then the Disney characters were like amongst the patterns, or they were like hiding behind the flowers and things. So it was nice to see how they’ve put both of them together.

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We’ve actually seen the episode already and we were eyeing up the pyjamas — they looked uh-mazing!

Obviously you were flown out to LA to attend the launch. What was LA like? We’ve never been and we imagine it’s sort of like a different world out there.

Lucy: Yeah, we’d never been before and it was like a dream! It’s always been a dream of ours to go to LA, so it was really exciting. And then we had the Disney launch event on the Tuesday night which was really good as well.

Lydia: It was in the YouTube space, which, again, we’d never been to before. And it was so good because you could see every collection. So there wasn’t just the British collection, there was like all the other collections as well.

We also got to see everyone else’s episodes, which was nice. But again, it was quite nice as well because we got to be kind of tourists while we were in LA, so we did a bit of exploring as well. We didn’t have time to go to Disney land though! It’s the first thing we’re going to do when we’re next in LA.

Destination: Disney Style Launch Event

Priorities, priorities!

You always both look like princesses — would you say Disney inspires your fashion choices?

Lucy: Aw, definitely! If I could wear Disney Minnie Mouse ears everyday, I would. I love ‘em.

Lydia: If I’m trying to do a cool, edgy look, which is sometimes quite often, or I’ll wear like ripped jeans or a denim shorts, I like to sometimes throw on a Mickey Mouse t-shirt to make it look extra cool. But I suppose there are some Disney characters that inspire us — I really like embellished dresses and sequins. I’m a bit obsessed with sequins, so like Tinkerbell. And you [Lucy] really like boho style, kind of like Esmerelda from ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’, so I suppose it does inspire us a little bit, yeah.

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Here’s a toughy: who is your favourite Disney princess?

Lucy: There’s always something about Ariel. I don’t know what it is, I just love her. I love the songs, her hair’s amazing — I used to dye my hair red.

Lydia: And I’d probably say Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, because one, I mean, her dress is amazing. Again, she has a very nice singing voice and plus I really like her storyline.

Great choices! Regardless of your favourites, which do you think you’re most like in personality and style?

Lydia: I think you’re [Lucy] very much Wendy. Every time I see her, she reminds me of you. Maybe it’s the bob hair.

Lucy: But I’d also say I’m quite like Anna from ‘Frozen.’ I’m quite clumsy. And who are you [Lydia] like… I think you’re quite like Cinderella. Yeah, you’ve got that Cinderella vibe about you.

Destination: Disney Style Launch Event

Obviously YouTubers have been broadening their horizons beyond simply making videos. Do you think a clothing line is something you would possibly do in the future?

Lucy: Oh my gosh, we would love that! That’s like a dream, because we love fashion. I think it would be quite…Disney inspired knowing us.

Lydia: Probably.

Lucy: That would be amazing!

Our next question was going to be what would it hypothetically look like. Because with Louise’s line it was focused around providing fashionable clothes for plus sized women, so would yours be inspired by things like Disney?

Lydia: I think it would be very floral.

Lucy: Very girly.

Lydia: Very girly yeah. But also we like the same clothes, but then we do, I think, have quite different styles, so it would be like two sides of it. There would be lots of sequins in there — just very glittery. And obviously, like, there’s the more dressy pieces as well, because Lucy and I don’t really dress casual. We prefer to dress up more, so there would be a few cute dresses in there as well, so yeah. Definitely girly.

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We think that’s a good motto to have: just dress up because you want to!

Working alongside Disney is a dream, obvs. What’s been a highlight?

Lucy: We’ve always said if we could work with anyone, it would be Disney. Being able to go out to the launch in LA; that was incredible. But, um, we’ve worked with Disney on a few things, haven’t we? Like last year we worked with them on ‘Disney Descendants’, which was so good.

Lydia: And then we went on the Disney cruise this year and that was like a dream — I cried everyday!

Ah, we’re so jealous!

Lastly, just because we kind of can’t not ask… You guys attended Perrie’s birthday party. What was that like?

Lucy & Lydia: It was really fun!

Lydia: We danced a lot, which normally happens. It was like a hippy themed party.

Lucy: We had lots of good music playing, great cocktails and, yeah, it was really fun.

There you have it, Perrie throws a good ol’ birthday bash — as if we didn’t know her parties were legendary. Tbh, Lucy and Lydia are literally living the dream and we are seriously green balls of jealousy rn. But it was so fab to talk to them and hear all about ‘Destination: Disney Style’.

We certainly can’t wait to watch the whole series and are especially looking forward to the release of the Cath Kidston x Disney collection. What about you? Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know what you have your eye on.

Catch Lucy & Lydia in the London episode of Destination: Disney Style when it premieres on the Disney Style YouTube channel on Tuesday 23rd August at 5pm

The Winnie-the-Pooh X Cath Kidston collection launches in stores and at from 26th September

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