#LuckytohaveLouis trended worlwide on Twitter, so here are a bunch of reasons why Louis Tomlinson is an amazing person

Louis Tomlinson and his family have to endure quite a bit because of all the untruths spread about him, and it all came to a head two days ago, which is why we thought why not talk about all the reasons that make Lou a lovely person?


1. His family is everything to him and he’ll defend them without a second thought.


Family time :)

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2. He’s incredibly grateful to be in the position he’s in.

3. He loves helping others.

4. Louis is involved in multiple charities and donated over £2 million to Believe in Magic last year.


5. He loves his fans unconditionally, doesn’t hesitate to give them the best experience he can and defends them from anyone.


6. Louis loves his bandmates so much that it makes us tear up whenever we think about it.


7. He’s always there to make people laugh.


8. Regardless of what the media wants us to believe, he’s not homophobic at all and loves every fan the same way, no matter their sexuality or gender.

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9. He practically lights up around children and babies and is so gentle with them.


10. He never puts himself first.


11. He helps people because he wants to, not because of the stories that will get written about it.

12. Remember when Louis coloured his hair red for charity? tumblr_inline_mmjte6EVNB1qkhd9i 13. He makes it quite clear that he’s a normal person, just like his fans. large 14. He sent almost half of his first X Factor paycheck home to his mum.

15. He makes sure all of his boys are okay and happy.


16. He stayed so humble even though he’s a millionaire who’s loved by millions of people.


17. Even though he’s the oldest, he’s still the biggest kid of the band.


18. He’s the biggest mama’s boy and proud of it.


19. He’s so happy and thankful whenever someone compliments him even though it’s all completely true.

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20. And no matter how much sh*t he gets, he still stayed the amazing person he always has been.


Love ya Louis.

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