Love Shawn Mendes? You’ll have to fight this Olympian for him!

Tom and Lance 4evs though <3

We can’t really blame anyone on having a crush on Shawn Mendes. The voice, the eyes, the hair, that body… He’s just a pretty damn perfect human being.


If you think it’s just us ‘norms’ that fancy him too, think again. After attending the Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball, Tom Daley realised he also has a massive crush on Shawn Mendes.

The Olympic diver, YouTuber, food extraordinaire and general beautiful man, revealed during an interview with Capital FM that his fiance, Dustin Lance Black, had the crush on Shawn first. Apparently it caused a “thing” between the couple and since Tom discovered Shawn, Dustin no longer shares the crush.

“But then, because I started having a crush on him [Shawn] – he no longer has a crush on him. It was this whole dramatic thing.”

Watch the interview below!

Obvs we adore Tom and Lance though, how many couples can look this cute?! It’s enough to make melt out hearts on a cold January day.

Would you fight Tom for Shawn? Let us know in the comments below!

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