We’ve gone completely WILDE about this Louise Pentland news

The world of Louise Pentland is getting more exciting by the minute. Not only are we getting an all new side to her YouTube channel, it turns out our fave badass lady woman has also been working on something extra magical. And we could not be more ready. This was pretty much our reaction when we heard.

Yep, this is some reeeeal cool stuff. And although every YouTuber under the sun is doing it, it doesn’t mean we’re any less pumped. Especially because it’s our sparkly, pink queen slaying.

YES, Louise is bringing out a book. Well, actually, she’s already technically brought out three, but our fave hot mumma (apart from our own, obvs) is hurtling herself into the fictional world and bringing to life Robin Wilde. Tbh, her name is already cool AF, so we know she is going to be the best leading lady ever.

Louise announced this hella cool news on her YouTube channel last night and gave us a sneaky insight into what Robin Wilde is all about.

What we know:

  • Robin Wilde is a 29-year-old single mum to Lila
  • She’s a part time make-up assistant
  • She’s doing her best, but she struggles
  • She’s smart, funny and courageous
  • The relationship between mother and daughter will be explored, as well as being a single mother and how that impacts her friendships, career and dating

Louise has promised lots of twists and turns and that Robin Wilde will be a completely badass woman, just like Louise herself.

The book doesn’t yet have a confirmed title, but is set to be released in Summer 2017.

You can get all your much needed info and pre-order links here and let us know in the comments how ready you are for Louise’s vivid imagination to take to the pages of a fully fledged book.

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