Louise’s open letter to her daughter will make you cry

ICYMI our fave beauty queen Louise Pentland just updated her blog and we were barely two lines into the new post before the tears became REAL.

In an open letter to her daughter, Louise gets real about the amount of time, work and effort she puts into being ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ and how that affects the time she gets to spend with Darcy:

“I feel torn every day. I want to work. I want to work hard.”

*Grabs for the tissues*

“When I’m at work I say, ‘I’m doing this for us, for our now and for our future’ and when I’m missing work I say, ‘work will still be there but 5 year old you won’t’.”


Louise Pentland is done with Sprinkle of Glitter. Uh, what!?


Are you the ultimate Louise fan? Prove it.

We can’t even imagine how much of a struggle it is for Louise to go through this on a day to day basis. Both family AND work are so so important to her and we for one completely understand her dilemma.

And duh, 100% supportive of her missing out on doing cool YouTube stuff to be with Darcy. Family always comes first after all.

If you haven’t read it yet, view the full post here. Seriously though – make sure you’ve got a box of tissues close by.

To Louise all we can say is, girlll keep slaying. You’re at the top of your game, both as a rocking business lady and a totally hip mum.

Did you cry reading it? Leave a comment down below letting us know why you think Louise is an incredible mum.

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