Calling all Sprinklerhinos! We need your help to make Louise the best Christmas present ever!

Our love for Louise is no secret and we know that legions of MP!ers love her too. If you’re a fan of Sprinkle of Glitter, you’re going to want to keep reading.


We’re giving you the chance to get involved and tell Louise just how much you love her, her videos and everything else she’s involved in. How cool is that?

The Maximum Pop! Fan Projects website is a brand new place to organise anything and everything in a fandom. Whether you want to get 10,000 people to hold up the same sign for 1D, organise a book-lover meet up or put together a fan book for your fave – Fan Projects is just what you need.

We putting together a book full of love for the wonderful Louise Pentland!


We’ve just launched the brand new fan book project for Louise and we can’t wait to see all your contributions. If you have messages, fanart, stories and anything else that celebrates Louise, we want it in our fan book.

Louise’s publisher has agreed to pass the book along in time for Christmas so she’s definitely going to see all your love. So join in! Head over to the Fan Projects site, sign up and share it with all the other sprinklerhinos you know!


Don’t forget to follow Louise on Snapchat to keep up with all her adventures.

Tell us your favourite video of Louise’s at @maximumpopbooks

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Written by Sophie Waters

Sophie is the Head of Commercial at Maximum Pop! Having studied English Lit and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, she came to MP! to satisfy her passion for books. Sophie is a diehard Hufflepuff and feminist. She's also a huge cat lover, and can often be found rocking her socks off at a gig.

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