WTF?! Some people have got Louise ‘quitting’ Sprinkle of Glitter completely wrong

Obviously we’ve known for a long time that Louise Pentland, formerly known as Sprinkle of Glitter, was planning to make her YouTube content a bit more mature and in fitting with the point she’s at in her life. Last week she announced ‘quitting’ the ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ chapter of her career and, tbh, we could not be more excited.


We love YouTubers who are genuine to their viewers and, most importantly, true to themselves. But some people have got their wires seriously crossed.

Revealing she would be talking more about the matters that concern her like the topic of sex and the trials and tribulations of dating, Louise said she wanted to talk more about the issues she, as a thirty-one-year-old woman, cares about.

However, one news outlet either got the wrong end of the stick or really didn’t think about how their headline might be interpreted. And, ngl, we had a good ol’ giggle about it.

Yep, if your mind doesn’t go straight into the gutter then we commend you. Because reading this headline would have definitely made us think Louise was not only dropping the name, but also YouTube for other sites. Rhymes with Corn Tub.

Louise had the best response to the headline though, confirming she is not, in fact, becoming a porn star.

What a relief. Imagine explaining that internet history to your parents just to watch your fave YouTuber.

Although Louise may not be exciting us in that way, we’re still pretty darn pumped to see her tackle some more adult subject matters. And absolutely slay, obvs.

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