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Louisa Johnson looks sassy and stunning for Notion. Superstar alert.

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t kept up with the latest X Factor news, you probably don’t know that the lovely Louisa Johnson won and went straight into the charts!


Notion Magazine sat down with Louisa for a chat and a stunning photoshoot, we need to steal all her clothes ok.


NOTION: I was watching the final last night and Rita, when the announcement was made, she was with you the whole way wasn’t she?

LOUISA: That was so funny. Afterwards, we both pulled the same facial expression, so funny.

NOTION: I think she was really holding her breath for you.

LOUISA: Do you know what, we’ve really grown so much together and I feel like we’ve bonded a lot… It was so nice to share that moment with her.


NOTION: Do you think you’ve become firm friends now?

LOUISA: Yeah, definitely. I will definitely stay in touch with her.

NOTION: Do you think you would have been as successful if you had another judge as your mentor?

LOUISA: I don’t know because I haven’t experienced what they would be like so I couldn’t really say. But I think they all are amazing, like they all know individually what’s good for a person. Simon’s amazing at what he does and Nick is on radio and that’s going to help us promote our songs, Cheryl has been a performer, Rita is a performer, they all have their own individual way of dealing with things so I couldn’t really say. Rita for me, me and Rita really worked well together.


NOTION: Now you’re going to be making your own music. How do you want your music to sound?

LOUISA: I mean I’m young and I don’t really know which path I’m going to take now yet, but I feel like I need to try some things out. If they don’t work, they don’t work. I wanna try things, I like loads of different types of music, so it will be cool to try different things and see what’s best for me.

NOTION: A few more duets on the cards do you think?

LOUISA: Maybe, I’m not too sure which way its going to go. Hopefully it’ll all go to plan.

NOTION: It would be good if you did one with Rita.

LOUISA: We were talking about it, I would love to work with her in the future.


We’ve had ‘Forever Young’ on repeat, so we need an album from Louisa ASAP. ‘Forever Young’ is avaliable to buy now and if you wanna steal Louisa’s makeup style, then check this out!

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