MP! Meets: Louisa Johnson! She’s officially going to be as big as Little Mix, One Direction and Fifth Harmony!

Love it or hate it ‘The X Factor’ has churned out some of the best and most successful pop acts of the 21st century. Where would we be without Little Mix, One Direction or Fifth Harmony (if we’re taking the US edition into consideration)?


And we’re 100% sure that ‘The X Factor’ ain’t done yet! Last year’s winner, Louisa Johnson, is one hot tamale. Her voice is so good she could be the next Ariana. Her style is so cool she could be the next Selena. There’s no telling the heights Louisa could reach! WE ARE BLOODY EXCITED!

Louisa is releasing her debut solo single (bar her ‘X Factor winner’s song) on Friday and we just HAD TO track her down and find out her plan for total world domination.


Life will never be the same…

Hi Louisa! First of all congrats on your performance at the ‘Rays on Sunshine performance on Monday! You were so good!

And ‘So Good’ is incidentally the title of your new single. That was a completely unintentionally subtle segue. We couldn’t be prouder…


Anyway, SOOOO can you tell us a bit about the new single. With a title like ‘So Good’ it has to live up to it’s promise?

The song’s about going out on a school night. You’re not really supposed to go out, but you do anyway. It’s about being young and fun and having a good time. It’s quite dark and edgy and not like ‘Tears’ at all. I’m really nervous and excited because I don’t think people will expect what’s coming. It’s kind of a bit rocky with big production and some strings thrown in. It was written by Ed Drewett who did ‘Black Magic’ and a lot of 1D stuff.

OMG how can we wait one more day… WHY IS LIFE SO HARD!

Is the album ready yet?

It’s not completely ready. It’ll be out next year. I’m playing it by ear because I don’t want to rush it. I want to be 100% happy with what I’ve done. I want to get a few tracks out first and let people get to know me before I put a full album out.

From what you have completed so far, could you tell us three things about the album that fans won’t expect

It’s a lot more risqué and I’ve said things I don’t think that I’m supposed to say, which makes it a lot more exciting. There are a few cool collabs on the album too!

What made you choose to release ‘Tears’ as your first proper single and how did you end up hooking up with clean bandit?

It came about literally two days after I won. I went to my record label Sony and they played me the song. I recorded it, they loved it and it just kinda all blew up really. Pretty random to be honest but I think it was a good move to make.

For sure! It’s been a massive smash.

What is the most important thing the world needs to know about Louisa Johnson?

I don’t think people got to know me as well as they should have when i was on ‘The X Factor’. Obviously it was all me, none of it was fake but I feel like I’ve grown so much in confidence. I’ve always been the way I am now and I think its difficult to show that on a TV show competition. I’m not as cute and innocent as people think I am.

OMFG! ‘So Good’ is totally going to be your Britney moment. Louisa’s not that innocent.


Who are you supporting to win ‘The X Factor’ this year?

I love ‘5 After Midnight’! I love their style. I love their dancing. I really really like them.


Which 2016 craze could you have done without?

I’m not a fan of dabbing. I tried to do it but I can’t!

We loved the video for tears and there was a really pretty owl which we are really obsessed with. 


Really hoots our horn.

Which Hogwarts pet would you choose out of a cat, a toad or an owl?

I’d probably choose an owl. They’re mean to be very wise and they look like they have it all figured out.

That’s all you know foolish human.


What would you call the owl?

Little Louisa Junior. She could be a feature in all my videos.

Solid plan, batman.

Could you tell us one thing about Simon Cowell that would shock us?

I’m a lot taller than him. He’s surprisingly short. He only comes to my shoulders.

What kind of cake would you bake as your showstopper on GBBO?

A Victoria sponge because I do like a cake cake. But I would put sweets, marshmallows and lollipops in it so that they spill out when you cut it open.


Louisa’s new single ‘So Good’ is out tomorrow 28th October! Go stream and downloooooooooad , alreet?

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