Louis Tomlinson’s voice and 25 times he slayed us with it

It’s no secret that Louis Tomlinson sounds like an angel while singing, but in case it wasn’t clear to you yet, here are 25 times he absolutely slayed us with his beautiful voice.

1. Whenever his solo in ‘Something Great’ comes on

2.  His live solo in ‘Better than Words’ (even the person filming this couldn’t contain their excitement)

3.  When everyone realized that he basically carries the entire ‘WMYB’ chorus

4. When he sings about waking up next to his favorite person in ‘No Control’ ;)

5.  And let’s not forget this gem that Mr. Tomlinson himself uploaded

6.  ‘Don’t forget where you belong’ is basically all Louis

7.   His solo in ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ (which they should definitely bring back)

8. When he absolutely nailed his ‘More than this’ solo

9.  When he graced us with this beautiful rendition of ‘Last First Kiss’ (Also, enjoy the magic that is the OT5)

10.  ‘Valerie’ – need I say more?

11.  Whoever decided to write this part for Louis in ‘Change my mind’ – Thank you!

12.  His voice in ‘Where do broken hearts go’ at the legendary X-Factor performance last year

13.  When his voice gets this smoky hue in ‘I would’

14.  When he sounded like an actual angel during their AMA performance of ‘Night Changes’ or also the ‘Does the little one with the cheekbones know that the prince is in love with him’ -moment

15. His solos in ‘Drag me down’ *Nobody Nobody*

16. When he croons into our ears about how he’s loved us since he was 18

17.  Let’s thank Japan for being so quiet during Louis’ solo in ‘Little Things’

18. When he makes us wish that we’re wearing that ‘Little Black Dress’ he sings about

19. His solo in ‘Fireproof’ makes us fireproof

20.  When he makes our tears fall down like the showers that are British while listening to him

21. When he nailed Harry’s solo along with his own in ‘Rock me’

22.  His solo in ‘Steal my girl at the BBC Music Awards (enjoy the whole song while you’re at it)

23. When he blew us away with ‘Use somebody’

24.  When he sings about his ‘Midnight Memories’

25. And even when he’s just talking his voice is absolutely beautiful


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