Louis Tomlinson’s thighs were handcrafted by the gods, but he’s also very talented with them

Louis Tomlinson’s thighs have always been the thing that Louis girls have had breakdowns about because they are overwhelmed by their sheer perfection, but now we know he’s also incredibly talented with them.

Yes, you read that right, they’re not just beautiful, they’re also capable of doing astonishing things.

A fan decided to throw a shirt or summat soft on stage and Tommo actually caught it between his thighs without batting an eyelid and it’s seriously gorgeously hot.

But let’s be honest, he looks a bit surprised about his talent as well, even though we’ve known all along that those thighs were made for greatness and who knows what else he can do with them?! Maybe he can crush the heads of his enemies with them as well, even though we wouldn’t like to explore that particular theory. Nonetheless, they’re beautiful and more talented than us.

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