One Direction look outrageously fit at Louis Tomlinson’s mum’s wedding



Yesterday, Sunday 20 July, our beloved boys (with a MIA Zayn) celebrated Louis Tomlinson’s mum Johannah and Dan Deakin’s wedding and they looked their best. Seriously!

Congratulations to the stunning bride and her hubby! Hip hip hooray!

We know why you are here… Yeah the dress is nice but.. what about the guests?

Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry looked at their best. They’re a hybrid from James Bond and The Godfather plus a sparkle of pure glamour.

“I’m so faaaaancy”

zourry_com_20140720_5-2 zourry_com_20140720_6

Scott Disick was at the wedding? Oh no, wait. It’s Tommo!
Louis, in a navy blue suit with bright white shirt and brown shiny brogues and his sassiness looked incredibly cool. We’re wondering what the hell he’s going to wear for his wedding…


This suit fits sooooo perfect.

zourry_com_20140720_43 tumblr_n90vth1PK41rkb15to1_1280

We see no difference. At all.
Sophiam in black looking damn fine.

During the wedding the guys played some croquet and you know how much we love to see some balls in action.

zourry_com_20140720_5-3 zourry_com_20140720_1-3

zourry_com_20140720_18Please, hit us with your best shots!


We always had a crush on the Irish guy but now we’re deeply in love with him.
zourry_com_20140720_3 zourry_com_20140720_38
He’s like a fine red wine, or some kind of fine juice. He gets better with age.

And look how rad Lou looks.

Now. IMPORTANT STUFF. Who wore a black suit, black UNBUTTONED shirt, black boots, black scarf and a black fedora?
zourry_com_20140720_20 Our ovaries are dancing the macarena and we can barely breathe let alone put together a sentence. All we can say is “Oh Christ”.


Zayn? Zayn.


What we can say?

What do you think? What your ovaries are telling you? Let us know, please!

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