Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne make us drool with their photo booth pictures from the Cinderella ball

We probably all almost fainted when we saw Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne on the red carpet for the Cinderella ball that Louis hosted earlier this year for Believe in Magic, so you better sit down for their photo booth pictures.

Let’s recap this event in case you can’t remember because you just couldn’t deal with the love you feel for Mr. Tomlinson. Lovely Louis decided to host a Cinderella ball along with the Believe in Magic charity to raise money for seriously ill children.

And One Direction wouldn’t be One Direction if not at least one of his bandmates turned up to support him, so Liam Payne appeared looking as dapper as ever.

The photo booth pictures emerged on Twitter today and we just can’t escape them, even  our dreams are haunted by their handsomeness.

So brace yourselves cause here they come (and we also neeeed HD versions, boys)

Louis and his beautiful mom looking gorgeous
Then there’s the goofy pic, which honestly doesn’t make them any less gorgeous
Liam with some random people looking like a model
Liam with some random people looking like a model

And if you’re still breathing then you’re one of the lucky few.


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