10 examples of how much Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne HATE EACH OTHER

It’s totally obvious to anyone with eyes that bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne absolutely hate each other.

That’s hate in its purest form, that is. And after a little on-stage shoving between the two went viral recently, we had to pull out the facts.

Liam can call it “friendly banter” all he wants, but WE KNOW THE TRUTH. And therefore, we bring you 10 examples of how much Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne HATE EACH OTHER.

1. When they WHIPPED EACH OTHER with water (London – September 24, 2015)

2. When Louis forced Liam to WALK ‘ROUND WITH JUST ONE SHOE (London – September 25, 2015)

3. When Louis SILLY STRINGED LIAM IN THE FACE (Boston – September 12, 2015)

4. When they smeared each other’s faces with DEADLY FROSTING (Cleveland – August 27, 2015)







5. When Liam made Louis put his hands up ‘CAUSE IT’S A STAND UP (Milwaukee, August 25)

6. When Liam insisted Louis couldn’t go to bed WITHOUT A SOGGY KNEE (Toronto – August 20, 2015)

7. When Louis went after Liam with TWO WATER GUNS (Indianapolis – July 31, 2015)

8. When Louis made Liam DRINK THE HATERADE (Kansas City – July 28, 2015)

9. When Liam PLUCKED LOUIS’S ARMPIT HAIR (Ottawa – September 8, 2015)

10. And lastly, Liam’s most aggressive and least bantery shove EVER (Manchester – October 4, 2015)

So it’s clear. These two boys wish nothing but the worst for each other. They never do charity work together, they never take on-stage selfies together, they just hate each other.

We have no idea what this video is, must’ve been a glitch.

(Header photo by Brooke Hall Photography)

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

I'm the lead style/beauty writer & U.S. content coordinator here at Maximum Pop!, where I get to combine my love for Louis Tomlinson with his love for Adidas. I hail from Boston, and I'm obsessed with my wiener dog, nail art trends, One Direction, and perfume samples. I believe in daily pizza.

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