Louis Tomlinson’s legs and bum got us feeling some kinda way

Some people in this world are just blessed when it comes to certain body parts. Well, we consider ourselves blessed that we get to ogle at photos of Louis Tomlinson’s legs and bum whenever we please. Thanks, Internet.

First of all, if for a split second you doubted us that Louis’s got some impressive assets, let us remind you of the day the planets aligned, the angels sang, and Louis was photographed in a wetsuit.

Are you with us yet? Okay, good. Let’s continue.

There’s a reason reports came out years ago that Louis had followed in Jennifer Lopez’s footsteps and insured his bum for £100,000 (that’s £50,000 per cheek).

Thanks for the update, Harry, we believe you 100%.

Remember that time Louis got hurt in a charity footie match, and we just couldn’t help but be distracted by something else?

He has a very upsetting (read: wonderful) habit of wearing khakis and sitting like this during interviews.







Even his bandmates can’t resist (and we can’t blame them).

Foul! Red card! Send help…!

That copy machine doesn’t even understand how lucky it is.

The rest of the One Direction boys just don’t quite compare in that department. Petition to bring back the braces!

So Louis, you may have a beautiful voice, an amazing dedication to charity, incredible songwriting skills, and so much more, but the booty has us like:

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

I'm the lead style/beauty writer & U.S. content coordinator here at Maximum Pop!, where I get to combine my love for Louis Tomlinson with his love for Adidas. I hail from Boston, and I'm obsessed with my wiener dog, nail art trends, One Direction, and perfume samples. I believe in daily pizza.

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