Meet Jayna Brown: The 14-year-old whose life was changed by Louis Tomlinson and a golden buzzer

Last night saw the fourth round of the judges’ cuts phase of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and the one we’ve all been waiting for – the episode with Louis Tomlinson as guest judge.


It was an amazing episode, but the moment that nobody will forget any time soon is when Louis changed a 14-year-old girl’s life.

Jayna Brown from Baltimore took to the stage in front of the judges, and of course Louis, and absolutely blew them away with her cover of Andra Day’s ‘Rise Up’.

Jayna and her mum have been struggling financially and are currently homeless, with the pair having to stay with friends and family, which is the main reason why Janya took to ‘America’s Got Talent’ as a way out of her poverty-stricken reality.

From the moment Jayna sang her first note, it was pretty obvious that the girl had talent and wowed both the judges and the audience in the studio and at home. So much so, that Louis decided to do something spectacular and practically life-changing by pressing his golden buzzer.

Speaking about the performance, Tommo said: “It’s not just one thing with you – it’s not just the voice, it’s not just the performance, you have everything and it’s so infectious to watch your performance.”

Check out the glorious moment below.


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