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Will he or won’t he? Louis Tomlinson comments on that footballer film role

There’s been some rumours floating around that Harry Styles might not be the only one hitting up Hollywood. Nah, turns out Louis Tomlinson has been thought to have potential involvement in a biopic of footballer James Vardy’s life. And, guess what? He’s finally spoken out about it.


The 1D member was actually at James Vardy’s wedding this past weekend and so ‘Hello!’ magazine got the chance to weedle some all-important deets out of Louis on the possible film role.

“It’s a golden opportunity. Jamie’s story is incredible – he’s incredible,” Louis said.

He also went on to add: “For a football fan, any kind of involvement in a story like Jamie’s is exciting.”

Uh, sorry, what was that? ‘Is exciting’ and not a ‘would be exciting’?

OK, so maybe he didn’t flat out confirm it, but he also didn’t deny it either. Excuse us whilst we take a moment.


We’re actually tearing up at the thought of Louis playing the role of such a huge football star. That boy loves footie almost as much as we love One Direction, which, really, is no easy feat, so we just know this would be a huge honour for him.

Here’s hoping it’s legit and we get to see Louis in his football boots and little shorts on the big screen.

What do you think about all of this? Do Louis’ comments make you think it’s happening or not? Tweet us @maximumpop and let’s have a discussion about it.

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