Elounor have reportedly split up. Here are 5 WAY more important topics we should be discussing.

Oh, dear. According to the media, Elounor is no more. While we do wish them all the best, regardless of their relationship status, does this really need to be front page of The Sun?! We have way more interesting topics we think are proper headliners…

1. Niall Horan’s alter ego is a granddad!

This should lighten the mood

A video posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on

While we’re all for the lols and giggles, we have one question to ask… why the hell do One Direction have a granddad costume on tour?! They’re in Asia on tour, so who decided it would be a good idea to pack a flat cap, granddad wig and old clothes? Weird…  

2. Harry’s helping World Water Day!

It’s World Water Day 2015. #cleanwaterforall #WWD2015

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Charity > Rumours. For every LIKE you give Harry’s Instagram post, Life Water UK will donate 100 gallons of clean drinking water to someone in need.  Harry is a very watched person on social media, so imagine how much water will be donated if you like his picture! It doesn’t cost you a penny and people will be helped. Go on, do your bit!

3. Niall’s disappointment in Derby’s footie performance 

We all know how big of a Derby County supporter Niall is, but he’s distraught after some bad games they’ve played recently… does this mean he’s giving up on the Rams? Will Derby up their game now Niall has shared his disappointment with the world?

4. We could be getting AAOOD 3! 

Remember the amazing cartoon from 2012 animated by some awesome dude, Mark Parsons? And then the sequel in 2013? Well, after stalking the aaood tag innocently stumbling across this Tweet, it looks like we could be in for a third helping of ‘The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction’! Who will the boys be fighting crime over this time? SURELY we can’t get any worse than Lord Faptiguise or Megafan?

5. Liam’s still being mistaken for David Beckham…

Now we found it funny making resemblances to David Beckham and Liam but now it’s getting concerning when even the media are starting to mix them both up. C’MON, GUYS, BECKS DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE SAME NECK BIRTHMARK AS PAYNO.

So, are we all feeling more relaxed now? There’s clearly more important things that we should be discussing other than the lad’s relationships and personal lives.

#HEREFORTHEMUSICNOTRUMOURS  What do you think? Which is the most shocking of our 5 super important stories? Found anymore shocking than these? You should tweet us @maximumpop

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