Louis Tomlinson is apparently having a ‘daughter’ if we were to believe a US magazine (we’re not)

As if this whole baby business surrounding Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth wasn’t odd enough, inTouch has now stepped forward and ‘announced the gender’ of the baby. Isn’t it lovely how things like that always come up before a single or video is released?

They claim to know that Lou is having a baby girl with the LA stylist, so a Tomlindaughter if you will. The news were of course revealed by an ominous insider who’s been quoted so many times, Louis should really consider looking for new friends if they spill everything to the media.

Allegedly, Briana and him are very happy about the ‘gender’ and their families think that Louis will be great with a daughter, which this fact we don’t doubt what with him having so many sisters, and they’re also gonna throw a pink baby shower. Surprise!

We’re just gonna wait until the baby is born until we believe anything, especially since the Tommo doesn’t seem that eager to talk about his own human spawn.

We’re just gonna leave you with this instead:


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