Louis Tomlinson is one of the most attractive men we’ve ever seen and here’s the proof

It has come to our attention that somebody out there said that Louis is the ugliest member of One Direction, so now here we are to prove that utter fool wrong and enjoy a bit of Louis being his beautiful self.

Let’s just start off with his gorgeous face and sharp cheekbones that look like they’ll cut our fingers if we ever were to touch them.

His hair and his face alone make us feel things in the downstairs region, just look at him.

Nobody works the scruffy look like he does, NOBODY NOBODY.

Don’t even get us started on the bluest eyes that make us feel like we could drown in them.

He’s absolutely droolworthy.

His smile is the most beautiful thing in the world and if we could see only one thing for the rest of our lives it would be that.

Look how crinkly his eyes get when he’s happy. We’re practically sobbing already.

Let’s move on to his body, shall we? Yes we know that his shorts are a bit tight and make some things very visible. We appreciate it.

Look at his body, it’s the sexiest thing to ever exist and he’s ruined any hope of us getting a boyfriend because we will always compare them to Tommo.

We’re really not into sports, but if we get to look at this particular football player we could do it all day long.

Because it needs it’s own section, here’s Louis gorgeous bum.

Just take it in and appreciate it’s beauty.

He’s basically perfection in human form.

And his arms look like they were made for holding us.

Look at his biceps. Look!

He’s bringing sexy back, yeah!

His body is a wonderland and we’re jealous it’s not us next to him.

Harry agrees as well.

As does Liam.

We’re not even gonna include his tattoos because that would just be too much for us to take in a day, but to sum it up, Louis is utter perfection and anyone who thinks he’s not should really evaluate their life choices.

Also, this is just his outer beauty, we could go on for days on end about his inner beauty, so we’re gonna save that for some other time.

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