Have One Direction Larry shippers gone too far this time?

We all love Larry. The beautiful fan fiction romance between One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles has warmed the heart of many a Directioner over the years.



But we recently discovered that Louis has banned the ship name from his Instagram using the new anti-troll feature. Now the word “Larry” will only appear under Louis’ posts for the person who wrote it and nobody else.

But fans have managed to find a way around it by editing the word slightly, for example: “L4RRY”, “l a r r y” and “Lârry”.


But is this one step too far? The name clearly bothers Louis if he took the time to ban it from his account why are his fans (who are supposed to have his back) deliberately going against his wishes?

Actually  “Larry” Shippers are the least of 1D’s worries. Louis recently posted this on Twitter: “Time to change my number .. Getting some disgusting stuff on what’s app… Losers !”. Niall was also recently forced to change his mobile number as well for the same reason. Clearly another case of fans taking things a bit too far.


So what would possess Directioners to harass their idols like this? The reason is probably something to do with the fact that some pop fans nowadays have chosen to ignore pop stars’ need for privacy in an attempt to get closer to them.

The lines between what is fiction and what is fact become blurred, with Directioners pushing their fantasy of Louis and Harry being an item to the extreme. There are entire blogs with people dedicating hours and hours just to prove Larry is a reality, ignoring the protests of Harry and Louis themselves. For the most part, the boys are very tolerant of such behaviour, but when Louis calls fans out for overstepping the mark you would expect them to take notice.


But what about the people who say that pop stars “deserve” it? That they knew what they were getting into when they signed up for the whole “being famous thing” and should accept the harassment and invasion of privacy without complaint?

These people need to be reminded that it is impossible to know what it is like to be in this kind of situation until you actually find yourself under fire. It’s like being reminded of the same unfunny joke 24/7 by people you don’t even know. Also, it bears repeating that the 1D lads were all under 18 or just turned 18 when they auditioned for the ‘X Factor’ and were catapulted to fame. It’s ridiculous to expect them to have been fully aware of the side-effects of celebrity at that age.


The goal now is to remind fans that Louis, and indeed all pop stars, are real human beings whose privacy needs to be respected. If they say a joke has gone too far, it’s gone too far. If they take measures to block names like “Larry” on social media, we shouldn’t try to find ways to antagonise them. Just to be clear, it is OK to enjoy shipping “Larry” in private and with your friends, but we shouldn’t be clogging up Louis’ Insta account with it.

Let us know what you think about the situation using the comments box below.

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