Louis Tomlinson appreciation post

Because it’s #LouisAppreciationDay, let’s celebrate him!
Here @5DaysFor1D tells us why we love all things Tommo.

His ability to naturally radiate happiness to everyone around him just through a simple smile is something we’ll always love about him. 


The dedication he possesses in something he’s passionate about is insane. No matter what happens, he’s dedicated to the end.

Two dreams in one lifetime!

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“Louis’ the leader.. because that was the only one left..” Although he’s the oldest in the band, he often takes leadership in his own unique and light-hearted way.


Not only can he make us fans laugh, he’s always lifting the spirit of the band with his mischievous ways.


Even though he’s seen as the troublemaker, his generosity to constantly help out and donate to charities shows the caring and selfless side to him.


He puts 110% into his singing and the hand on stomach thing he does is the cutest thing in the world.

Last but not least, the unbreakable bond we share with him!

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