Louis and Niall strut their stuff during WWA in Bern.

Written by @LouMillard from @Insiders1D

As we all know all of the boys have lovely singing voices, but what you may not know is Louis and Niall aspire to be models!

On July 4, 2014 the boys launched their modeling career. “Modelling what” you may ask. The newest line of raincoats!

So, when you see them on Vogue don’t be surprised!

Niall feeling fabulous in his rain coat

tumblr_n883coOSui1tud8d9o1_500 tumblr_n883coOSui1tud8d9o2_500

Who do you think rocked the raincoat better? Niall or Louis?

tumblr_mcysuq74qe1ql1dvto1_500 tumblr_mksch2a0NI1rultudo1_500


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