Lottie Tomlinson finally has her own YouTube channel. Subscribe right now!

Lottie Tomlinson has jumped on the bandwagon and finally joined the beauty gurus of YouTube!


We’ve known Lottie loved makeup since she’s been assisting Lou Teasdale as a makeup artist and sharing makeup tutorials on Lou’s snapchat.

We also remember Lottie making an appearance on Tanya Burr’s YouTube channel; waaaay before Tan had her own makeup range!

Lottie has only posted 2 videos so far, but we already know this is our new favourite channel. The first video is a ‘How to get Glitter Lips’ tutorial which shows what products you need and how to use them, however there is no talking. Hopefully we get a chatty video from Lottie in the future. All the instructions can be found in the description box.

Her second video is a tutorial on mermaid lids, with a complete look to go with it.

We’re kinda jealous of Lottie’s makeup skill and she already has over 50,000 subscribers, make sure you join them!

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