Download or Ditch: Loreen – We Got The Power- The Result

The Eurovision Song Contest – great fun on the night, but essentially career suicide for anyone who enters, right? Well, try telling that to Loreen! After winning the contest in 2012, her single Euphoria went to #1 in 17 countries and even hit the top 3 in the UK. 

After spending a year touring the continent, she’s finally back for another crack on these shores with new single ‘We Got The Power’. Like Euphoria, it starts off with a dark, brooding verse that explodes into an instantly anthemic chorus. It’s no rehash though; the 90s trance chords of her breakout hit are replaced by a rumbling bassline and a driving percussion and mixed with hypnotic backing chanting. A bit like Florence & The Machine with a big pop heart – which seems appropriate seeing as it’s co-penned by Ester Dean, who has previously penned hits for Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and too many others to mention.

So, does this song have the power to turn Loreen into Eurovision’s biggest breakout star since Celine Dion? Or does song get a ‘nul points’ from you? Let us know now in our Download or Ditch poll. Voting closes Monday the 10th at 5pm.

Watch the video for ‘We Got The Power’ below:

RESULT: It looks like Loreen certainly has got the power and she won this “Download or Ditch” with a whopping 95.31%. You go girl!

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