Look as fresh faced as Bethany Mota in no time FLAT with this DIY green tea facemask

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Who needs luxe beauty creams and serums when all the skincare essentials you need can be found in your kitchen cupboard? The team here at MP! are firm believers in DIY beauty. So much so, that we’ve put together a homemade tea facemask that’ll help combat tired, back-to-college skin this winter.

Seriously, it’s pretty great. Not only is it a saviour during coursework season, but it’s also helped us save a penny or two, which OBVIOUSLY means we can now spent it on more interesting beauty buys. The new Kylie Jenner lip kit, maybe?

What you’ll need:

  • Green Tea
  • Cotton Balls
  • And that’s it!

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The facemask really is as simple as it sounds. Sure, green tea may look disgusting, but it’s actually works wonders at smoothing out irritated, damaged and tired looking skin. That’s why you see it in so many organic face creams and moisturisers.

The stuff is packed with antioxidants, which, skipping out all the boring science parts, are you’re best friend when it comes to DIY skincare. Oh and if you’re prone to oily skin too, it also helps restore your pores natural oil balance. So this mask really is a win-win.

To make the mask, you need to brew a cup of green tea. Any brand will do, it doesn’t have to be the fancy kind your Mum keeps in the back of her kitchen cupboard in case “guests” come over. You then dip cotton pads in it, before sweeping them across our face.

After 15 minutes, you wash the tea off with warm water. Voila, it leaves you feeling revitalised and refreshed. Easy, right?

What’s your favourite DIY facemask? Let us know in the comments below.

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