YouReview: MP!er Charlotte reviews ‘Lois Lane: Fall Out’

Lois Lane‘Lois Lane: Fall Out’ is all about the leading lady of the Superman comics. Now, she’s got her own novel and own mysteries to solve (with a little help from online friend SmallvilleGuy) – but what do people think of this new read? Charlotte received a copy via our YouReview and here’s what she thought:

What made you want to read ‘Lois Lane: Fall Out?’ I chose to read Lois Lane: Fall Out because it sounded really different to what I usually to choose to read but at the same time I thought it sounded interesting and that I might be able relate to the characters and storyline in some sort of way. I also found the concept intriguing particularly I was unfamiliar with the character of Lois Lane before-hand and wanted to know more and delve into a mystery novel rather than my typical YA romances.

Are you as in love with the cover as we are? Yes. I think that the both the slip cover for the book and the actual front cover of the hardback are both really striking. I think they added to the mystery genre narrative and definitely appeal to a YA audience.

Tell us what you thought about the character of Lois? I found the character of Lois quite intriguing because I’d never come across a character in any novel similar to her. I really liked how Bond kept the characters troublesome and devious nature while still ensuring that readers would like her. I’m very much an introvert so the character really had me interested in her scheming thoughts and wandering what she was going to do next.

What about the plot? Was it gripping or just ok? I did enjoy the plot however I don’t think it quite lived up to my expectations. It was an interesting, more real take on a mystery however I often found some parts quite confusing to follow and didn’t think there was anything standout that really hooked me in and made me desperate to continue reading it. I think a little revelation about ‘smallvilleguy’ or a plot-twist early on or about halfway really could’ve added to the excitement and hooked readers in more.

Would you read another book by Gwenda Bond? I would definitely say yes if it was a book that really appealed to me because I enjoyed the style of how this book was written. However some of the more complex ideas that Bond came up with in the book went straight over my head and confused me so I would definitely be cautious as to how imaginative the plot lines of other books may be and whether I’d be able to fully understand and appreciate her ideas.

Anything extra you would like to say about the book? I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery or detective novels and wants to read a more relatable and realistic take on the genre. However for me, it was so different to my usual reads that I don’t think I fully appreciated the innovative concepts Bond explored in the book. But, it did make me think about the idea of bullying and how the way she presents it in the book can reflect into the real world; all those involved in bullying having the same mindset and on a mission to brainwash others into their way of thinking. That I did think was genius.

Rate out of 10. For me personally, I would rate it a 7/10 because it isn’t a genre that appeals to me however I definitely enjoyed exploring something different.

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