Liz Binks, Marketing & Publicity Manager at Simon & Schuster, shares her favourite quotes from ‘Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend’

Alan Cumyn’s ‘Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend’ is definitely the most outrageous YA of 2016.  Everything changes for Sheils when the first-ever interspecies transfer student, a pterodactyl (what?) named Pyke, enrolls at her school. There’s something about him – something primal – that causes the students to lose control whenever he’s around. Liz Binks, Marketing & Publicity Manager at Simon & Schuster, shares her favourite quotes from ‘Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend’.

Liz_with_Hot_Pterodactyl (1)‘His torso was heaving.
Those pecs. That fur. It was as if he were a museum exhibit she needed to touch.’

‘Eighteen? He didn’t look a day less than sixty-five million.’

‘All right, the world was changing, a pterodactyl had more or less dropped out of the sky.’

‘And wasn’t he different in every way from every other boy? Those muscles. Those wings. His eyes…Pyke had something extra. Everyone felt it.’

‘She was whirling him, whirling him around the stage. What was she holding? His little legs. When he folded his wings, he was a handbag with handles. When he opened them, she was pulled off her feet as if attached to a kite in a high wind.’

‘Oh God.
It looked like sex.
It looked like she was having pterodactyl sex onstage in front of the entire student body. And now on video for the whole leering…’

scared dean

‘As leader she cared about things like crowd control, beverage revenues, the implementation of the cleanup plan. But as Shiels…as Shiels she found herself thinking for long stretches about the shocking changes in her nose, about Pyke’s magnificent crest, about being chosen, and choosing, and standing in the chaos of the gym feeling her body moving closer, closer…’

‘Did I tell you that I am student-body chair and that in the course of my duties my nose has turned purple?’

‘And under the blanket, parts of him were poking up in ways she couldn’t quite sort out. Was one of those other prodding tent poles…something else? Not a wing part or tail tip or elbow…’

‘Her mother and Pyke?
Unimaginable! And yet…
Makeup or not, you cannot hide a purple nose for long.’

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