One Direction review their new DVD ‘Where We Are: Live in San Siro’..


We had the hard, hard task this weekend of reviewing the new One Direction, ‘Live from San Siro’ DVD. Now instead of doing a normal review with us telling you how amazing it is and you need a copy, (you 100% do) we thought we’d get the boys themselves to review their own cinematic masterpiece. 

MP!: What was it like having a live show filmed?


MP!: Oh awesome, glad you’re optimistic, it is perfect by the way, we watched it yesterday. Did anything funny happen while you were filming?


MP!: We didn’t notice him wearing a hat, it must have come off early in the show. So the gig was filmed in Milan, what did you think of the Italian fans?


MP!: We saw you nip in to the portaloo halfway through the gig, we think you did a good job holding it that long!

Niall wee

MP!: Well sometimes you need a rest I guess. What’s your favourite song to sing in a stadium?

hey ho

MP!: Ok Harry you’re banned from answering questions this is a serious interview.


MP!: Exactly, we’re live and kicking. So what can people expect from the new DVD?


MP!: We like it, positive vibes are always good to have. It put a smile on our face from start to finish.

Call me

MP!: We’ll exchange numbers after the interview, calm down.



MP!: We’ll leave it in but 10 points for wearing a Santa hat, it is the season to be jolly now! Okay that’s a wrap, anything else you’d like to say to the fans?


We think that went almost as well as an actual One Direction interview would go. Seriously though the DVD is great, the set list has some surprises on there and the way it’s filmed makes you think you’re right there crying at the front.

Whack it on your Christmas list right here. 

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