6 celebs we’d love to see playing live-action Disney Princesses including Shay Mitchell as Pocahontas

With all the magic of the ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ trailer lighting up our lives and Sofia Carson talking to MTV about how she’d love to play Esmerelda in ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’, we’re all about envisioning our fave celebs as the next live-action Disney Princesses.


So although there aren’t plans for another Disney Princess classic to be brought to life, we kind of couldn’t help ourselves and indulged in a little dream casting.

‘Tangled’ – Ashley Benson as Rapunzel


Let down your hair, Ashley Benson, because we’d love to see you and your long locks make your Disney debut as Rapunzel from ‘Tangled’.

‘The Little Mermaid’ – Holland Roden as Ariel


Fiery hair with a personality to match, we love Holland as Lydia in ‘Teen Wolf’ and we reckon we’d love her even more as Ariel.

‘Mulan’ – Arden Cho as Mulan


Arden Cho definitely has that determined look in her eye. She basically screams the perfect Mulan.

‘Hercules’ – Lucy Hale as Meg


Cute and sparky, Lucy Hale definitely has the potential to be as sassy as Meg. We reckon she could definitely not help but fall in love with Hercules. We’re also under good authority that this girl has a great set of lungs.

‘The Princess and the Frog’ – Lindsey Morgan as Tiana

Lindsey Morgan gif

We love, love, love Lindsey in ‘The 100’. Her fierce, hard-working portrayal of Raven is perfect for Tiana and seeing all her dreams come true.

‘Pocahontas’ – Shay Mitchell as Pocahontas


Shay Mitchell is as beautiful and spirited as Pocahontas. We reckon she’d look great doing an A+ dive from some rocks with her good buds Meeko and Flit.

What do you think of our selection? Any you’d swap out for another dreamy candidate? And what about all the Disney Princesses we inevitably missed? Let us know your dream cast @maximumpop.

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