MP! EXCLUSIVE: Little Sea talk ‘Cut It Out’, touring with 5SOS and matching band tattoos

We’re not sure what’s in the water in Australia, but the country is always blessing the world with cute boys and incredible bands. Little Sea is no exception and are about to become your next obsession.

Did we mention they toured Australia as support acts for 5 Seconds of Summer AND The Vamps? OH and Andy, Dylan, Leighton and Oliver embarked on the first Little Sea headline tour in December 2015. Talk about making waves!

After, writing new music in London and Los Angeles, Little Sea have sailed back home to release their latest single ‘Cut It Out.’ If this doesn’t make us excited for a Little Sea album and UK tour, we’re not sure what will. MP! caught up with the band to get to know the Aussie boys better.

Your new single was recorded here in London! How would you describe ‘Cut It Out’ using 5 emojis?

What is something that you do, that has people telling each of you to ‘Cut It Out?’
I think we all pretty much bite our nails a fair bit, I’ve been told to cut that out many of times.

Do you have any band traditions you must do before you perform on stage?
It’s always good to have a few minutes by yourself to warm up physically and mentally before a big show. After that, (usually seconds before going on stage) we put our hands in the middle and yell ‘quack, quack, quack, quack, QUACK!’

If you could create the ultimate tour rider, what would be on it?
Skittles, blue Gatorade, a few cases of beers, a grand piano (seriously, that’d be a sick way to warm up!), a blow up pool full of blue jelly, a couple of puppies, ice-cream cake, cigarettes, bottle of spirits, red wine, a barista on standby, Ricky Gervais hanging out telling jokes, a magician, a masseuse (imagine that!), a board game. Idk, things like that would be pretty dope but I’m cool with chips and a place to sit backstage, I think that suits us enough! lol

You boys toured Australia with 5SOS in 2014. What’s the craziest thing you got up to with 5SOS on tour? We hear they can be cheeky…
Pretty much every time we catch up with those dudes we end up in the weirdest places laughing and partying and we don’t know how we got there. I remember on that tour after the Brisbane show we had a few drinks in the lobby bar of the hotel, Leigh had severe conjunctivitis but kept his shades on real tight as to not reveal his clandestine malady. Randomly we look over and Alex Turner and his entourage join us at the bar. Shocked and unsure what to do, Leigh picks up two Corona’s, waltzes over to him and says, “I used to play ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ in my old band. Want a beer?”

Would you ever get matching tattoos as a band? What would the tattoo be?
Yeah for sure, I mean the only tat I can see us all agreeing with is the anchor tattoo. I wouldn’t be surprised if we all got one together at some point in our career.


Have you ever used an incredibly cheesy pick up line to impress a girl? What was it?
Are you a 90 degree angle? ‘Cause you’re looking right!

Impressive, we hope it worked! If you attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry which house would each of you be sorted into?
Ollie: Gryffindor
Leigh and Dylan: Slytherin
Andy: Hufflepuff

What song do you have on repeat at the moment?
‘Fence Sitter’ – Ball Park Music

If you could choose anyone to star in the next Little Sea music video, who would it be?
I tend to have a preference towards the Southern Cross due to our locale, although Orion’s Belt has a certain charm.

Those stars are quite beautiful. What is your favourite Snapchat filter?
The face swap one for sure, it’s hilarious.

this coffee has gone to my head

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If you were created into wax figures at Madame Tussauds, who would you want to be “standing” next to?
A part from each band member, probably the Queen or Beyonce or something, ’cause they’d get the most attention, hence so would we. Actually, or would people then just ignore us and go straight to the more important wax people? Hmm, maybe next to Donald Trump or something, then we’d know we’d get the attention lol!

Australia is known for its crazy wildlife. What Australian animals do you think you would be?
Kangaroos are pretty dope; what with the kicking and the jumping and that. Platypuses are pretty cool, but I’d probably go with a Kookaburra, they seem to always be having a good time, laughing at the world from above.

When you’re travelling around the world, what little pieces of home do you take with you?
Vegemite for sure. Incense and headphones too.

‘Cut It out’ is out to stream and download now.  Tweet @maximumpop if you’re all aboard the Little Sea ship!

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