Little Nikki turns Agony Aunt and answers some MP! Readers problems

Little Nikki is a pretty darn good popstar, isn’t she? She looks great, she can saaang, she can dance and her new track ‘Little Nikki Says’ is fantabulous. Now, Little Nikki is turning her hand to Agony Aunt duties, especially for MP! Is there anything this girl can’t do?

Dear Little Nikki,

I’m a massive 1D fan and even managed to go to their premiere. I love Zayn but he’s dating Perrie. I know he’d love me if she was out of the way. How can I dispose of Perrie without going to jail?

What would Little Nikki Say?

Tonia, 19

Dear Tonia,

Don’t dispose of her. Prove you are better and show him how nice you are.

Dear Little Nikki,

I’ve recently started seeing this really cute boy. I have one problem. He always wears denim on denim. I know that sometimes it’s cool but he looks like a B*Witched tribute act. Is this ok?

What would Little Nikki Say?

Jess, 15

Dear Jess,

Maybe you should suggest a different look or buy him something different to wear. I’m sure he’ll get bored of the denim on denim look soon.

Dear Little Nikki,

I’ve recently developed feelings for a female that I’m living with named Amanda. She’s kind, caring and really gets me. But, Amanda is a cat.

What would Little Nikki Say?

Marcus, 32

Dear Marcus,

It’s good to love your pets, but not like that. A cat doesn’t understand those kind of feelings. Maybe try and find a human lady friend.

Dear Little Nikki,

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for quite sometime and we’re madly in love. We are both musicians but I don’t really like his music. He keeps asking me to sing on one of his tracks but I think they are all crap.

What would Little Nikki Say?

Rita, 22

Dear Rita,

I think you should do just one song with him. It couldn’t hurt. If you really don’t want to sing on one of his tracks, you could also say that you want to keep your identity the way it is and you don’t think the track fits your style at the moment.

Dear Little Nikki,

I was part of a well known girl group a long time ago. When on tour in Japan, I went to the toilet, opened the bathroom window for some circulation and fell out. My bandmates left me and I was abandoned in a foreign country for several years. We have recently reformed but I’m still having problems going for a poo because I’m afraid it could happen again.

What would Little Nikki Say?

Siobhán, 29

Dear Siobhán,

You really should go to the doctor with this one. I’m sure they could help by giving you something to help you go for a poo.

There you have it. Some amazing popstar advice from Little Nikki.

‘Little Nikki Says’ is in shops on the 6th of October, you can pre order it here. Watch the video below.


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