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Unicorns, rainbows and fruit bowls: I wore Little Mix’s new Wishmaker fragrance for a day and it was magical

So Little Mix‘s newest fragrance ‘Wishmaker’ has made its way to the shelves of a store near you. Luckily, we got the chance to test it out and boy did some cool things happen.


Without waffling on about ‘Wishmaker’ too much, I’ll give you some quick deets. It smells quite sweet, almost sickly because the initial spray is so strong. You only really need one or two spritz per application (I didn’t do this), otherwise you’ll basically be a piece of candyfloss. So what happened then? Let’s find out.


Yes, I am on my way to work and have doused myself in the sugary goodness of ‘Wishmaker’. This will wake you up better than any caffeine and my manager said I smelled like a fruit bowl. Thanks?

giphy (12)


Break time, woo! The perfume had died down and almost completely faded, so it was time for a top up. Again, I covered myself head to toe in it (I like a lot ok) and headed on back to work.

A little girl told me I smelt of ‘unicorns and rainbows’, which is literally the nicest compliment ever if you’ve got the mentality of a 6 year old. It’s basically a wish come true. Well… it’s not called ‘Wishmaker’ for nothing!

giphy (13)


I caught a Clefairy on the way home and i’m 100% putting it down to ‘Wishmaker’ because i’ve been DYING to get this god damn Pokémon and it finally happened. Wishes really do come true.


The fancy pants stuff.

Any type of fragrance wears off on me after about an hour. Doesn’t matter if it’s a £15 celeb perfume or serious $$$ high-end brands. Strangely, the scent was incredibly strong and stuck around for at least 3+ hours!


I can’t get technical with top notes, dry down notes etc because I suck at describing scents but if you’re into super sweet smells, this is for you. It honestly felt like I was in a candy shop and swimming in sugar. Right up my street!

It’s damn good quality for a celebrity perfume, so if you see it in store, make sure to give it a sniff as it’s insanely sweet. Kinda wanna eat it tbh.


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