Little Mix ‘Wings’ Vs Parade ‘Light Me Up’ – it’s Song Off time

Two massive girl groups. Two stonking pop tunes. Let’s fight.

Little Mix ‘Wings’
After winning X Factor, releasing an awful cover of ‘Cannonball’ and then doing not very much, Little Mix showed up with this massive, driving, sing-a-long tune that’s a bit Disney, a bit Christina Aguilera ‘Candyman’ and A LOT good; which is not that surprising as it was supposedly written by approximately 108 different people. ‘Wings’ is a gold-plated, handclapping, ‘hey, hey, hey’ hollering, harmony-fest that despite its slightly tired self-empowerment theme ticks all the boxes you need and at least 15 you don’t. Boy’d.

Parade ‘Light Me Up’

What’s a girl group to do when their debut album misses the top 170 and no one seems to care any more? How about return with one of the best songs of 2012 and then GIVE IT AWAY FREE.  With a chorus big enough to fill an Olympic stadium, ‘Light Me Up’ is a relentless runaway train of a pop song that never gives up. Packed with colour and cool, a line about cigarette smoking and a Roberts-esque middle 8 – it’s without a doubt the most unexpected return to relevance of the year. [DOWNLOAD FREE HERE]

Now have your say…

The winner of the Song Off will be announced Friday 10/08 at 6pm.

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