Little Mix Vs. Pick’n’Mix

It’s about bloody time we had another Popstar Vs. A Vegetable, don’t you think? We thought long and hard about this and then we finally realised: What kind of competition is a vegetable? I mean, if you had a choice between a head of lettuce and Niall Horan, the answer is pretty simple. No one really likes vegetables that much, do they? They’re just there, like Emeli Sande or Matt Cardle. But everyone loves sweets.  So this time around we decided to go for:  Little Mix Vs. Pick ‘n’ Mix


Little Mix were hand picked and put together by the Female Boss herself, Tulisa Constopoldrkfbmfmv Tulisa.

Pick’n’Mix are believed to have originated in Woolworths in 1886.

Little Mix 1, Pick’n’Mix 0


Little Mix has four members: Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie.

There are hundreds of different sweets to chose from in a Pick’n’Mix.  If you pick one up you don’t like, you can just replace it with another one you do- They’re like the Sugababes of the confectionery world.

Little Mix 0, Pick’n’mix 1


Little Mix went on to win the X Factor, dominate the UK charts and are currently soaring up the US chart.

Who doesn’t love a Pick’n’mix?

Little Mix 1, Pick’n’Mix 1


Little Mix’s latest single ‘How Ya Doin’ is available to download for just .99p.

Pick’n’Mix prices can vary.  The average prices is around £1.50 but if you are thinking of picking some up in the cinema, forget it unless you are prepared to take out a loan.

Little Mix 1, Pick’n’Mix 0

Health Warning

Too much Little Mix can lead to excessive dancing.

Too much Pick’n’Mix can lead to cavities and tooth decay.

Little Mix 1, Pick’n’Mix 0

Love Life

Perrie is dating Zayn Malik… ‘Nuff Said.

Pick’n’Mix could be considered quite the heartbreaker- although everyone loves Pick’n’Mix, Pick’n’Mix doesn’t love anyone back.

Little Mix 1, Pick’n’Mix 0


Although we are unsure how Little Mix taste (as cannibalism is frowned upon in the UK) we do know that the girls have given us some awesome tunes with an urban pop flavour.

Pick’n’Mix taste great and come in hundreds of different flavours.

Little Mix 1, Pick’n’Mix 1

Final Score- Little Mix 6, Pick’n’Mix 3

Little Mix have slayed the competition with twice as many points as Pick’n’Mix. Congrats girls!  You can now hold your head high and say with confidence “I am better than a penny sweet”.

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