5 moments that blew every Mixer’s mind at last week’s V Festival performance

If you attended or tuned into V Festival at the weekend, you’ll know that Little Mix were the stars of the show. They even trended worldwide because they’re that incredible.


Didn’t catch Little Mix at V Fest or need a quick reminder of how insane they were? Then you’ve come to the right place. Prepare to have your mind blown in more than one way.

The girls opened with ‘Salute’ and legit took our breath away.

Who knew they could make ‘Hair’ ten times cooler by throwing in Willow Smith’s song.

They had the most insane medley ever and even Lethal Bizzle came out. They OWNED V Fest.

An acapella ‘How You Doin’?’ with ‘Hotline Bling’ thrown in. HELL YES.

These girls didn’t need to cast a spell over V Fest. They slayed hard  with ‘Black Magic’ instead.

Tbh we wish we could relive Little Mix at V forever. Nobody has ever gone that hard performing at a festival so props to our girls for giving it their all! Are there any other moments you think Little Mix owned? Tweet them to us @maximumpop.

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