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“I would give anything for two months off.” Little Mix chat with The Daily Mail about intense schedules and 1D.

The Little Mix gals are busier than ever, they even announced the European leg of their tour the other day. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the girls chatted intense schedules and 1D.


The girls explained they’re feeling the strain from the stressful schedules but it is different from when the 1D lads came onto the scene. Jesy said “I think it’s a different situation with 1D. It was very intense for them from the get go. They were like a phenomenon, do you know what I mean? It was a lot more intense than it was for us.” We agree, it was crazy.

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Perrie added: “I mean don’t get me wrong I would give anything for two months off. Because we get three to four weeks off, that’s the most we’ve ever got.  So by the time you’ve done anything, you’ve gone on holiday, you’ve seen your family and you’ve run errands it’s gone and we’ve never had that.”

We think the girls could definitely do with a long break after the ‘Get Weird’ tour, but no hiatus anytime soon please!

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