Throwback Thursday: A master post of Little Mix GIFs from when they were killin’ it on the ‘X Factor’

Little Mix have been taking the pop world by storm recently. Between their ‘Get Weird’ tour and the release of their Grammy-worthy music video for ‘Hair’, we can’t keep up with these girls. They’re the epitome of girl power and we are loving every single second of their well-deserved success.


So in honour of all the amazing things they’re doing, and because it’s Throwback Thursday, we thought we’d go back to where it all first began and bring you some of the best GIFs from the girls’ time on ‘The X Factor‘.


Look at little Pez. We’re probably going to say it a billion times, but we kind of cannot get over how much these girls have grown both with their success and physically.


The moment Little Mix was born. Little did they know where there’d be now.


Remember when the girls were called Rhythmix… Yeah, we much prefer Little Mix too.


Werk it, ladies. WERK!


The progression of their absolute bomb dance moves is insane. We live for their perfectly synchronised choreography — it puts actual oxygen in our lungs.


Ah, the group huddles after each performance. There’s something in our eye. A splinter, or something.


Yaaaaas, they were our queens from the word go.


So foetus and cute!


Killing. It. Even back then they had killer coordinating outfits. We definitely think they’re deserving of all the sparkle on their tour clothes now though. Because they are stars!


We love you too, Little Mix. Mwah!

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Remember this ah-mazing performance of Katy Perry’s ‘E.T.’? Because we do and it’s still slaying us to this day. That doll make-up is A+ too. Basically, they can do no wrong in our eyes. We love them.


As well as being insanely talented singers, they’re also actual squad goals. Their love for each other is so genuine and we love how weird and relatable they are together.


Babies! It’s okay, you win. Look…


Just before the winner is announced. Will it be Marcus or Little Mix?


Ahhhhh, we’re screaming too! The first ever group to win ‘The X Factor’ and it’s a girl band. Hell yiiiiis!


Yep, we’re emotional all over again. It’s not like we haven’t watched the video over and over again. It’s too beautiful and we honestly couldn’t not include the full version, so here have a watch and a little happy cry.

And then watch them sing their winner’s single and sob some more.

Yep, we don’t quite know what to say. Little Mix have broken us down and now we’re emotional wrecks. Keep doing what you’re doing, ladies. We’re so proud of you!

Tweet us some of your favourite moments from Little Mix’s time on ‘The X Factor’ and we’ll try to withhold the rest of our tears. @maximumpop

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