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Jesy Nelson just put an end to those damn pesky split rumours AGAIN and it’s comedy gold!

How many times do they have to prove they’re friendship goals!?

Let’s just get one thing straight – Little Mix will split when hell freezes over.

Have you never read The Good Book a.k.a Little Mix’s autobiography ‘Our World’? These gals are a solid unit and, just as they told us in an interview back in October, they are truly living their glory days. Why would they give that up now, eh?

It wasn’t two weeks ago that people unceremoniously declared a feud between members Jesy Nelson and Perrie Edwards because Perrie had cropped Jesy out of a picture of the group. Perrie had made sure to put in the image caption that Jesy requested to be cut out, but people still wagged those chins anyway.

Well now, Jesy has just posted a picture to her Instagram with Perrie cut out.




LOL knowing Jesy and Perrie they did this on purpose to make fun of all those fools who love to start split rumours.

I didn't know idiocy was a recognised occupation now!?

Posted by Fangirl Issues on Monday, 3 April 2017


Here’s the truth everyone:

A Little Mix split has been foretold as a sign of the apocalypse. They will continue slaying as a unit until one day they’re recalled by the divine power that sent them and the earth is lain to waste because we can’t stop making up in-fight rumours about Little Mix. So seriously peeps, stop it already!

And now onto the real news, and this juicy tidbit will have Mixers everywhere throwing their hands up in salute.

We were just getting over the hoedown-throwdown of the video for ‘No More Sad Songs’ and now a document has been leaked which suggests that fan favourite ‘Power’ will be the next single from ‘Glory Days’. RESULT!

OH EM GEE! And, we have details about the music video as well! From what we can guess from the leaked document, Little Mix’s mums will be in it, as well as RuPaul’s Drag Race faves, Alaska Thunderfuck, Courtney Act and Willam! This will be the best music video since, actually scrap that, EVER!

alaska willam courtney
Image source: Pinterest

We guess we won’t be seeing the music vid for a good few months until the promo for ‘NMSS’ is done but, us being us (which we always are 100% of the time, we assure you), we’ve already made a quiz for Little Mix’s ‘Power’. Get ahead of the game and learn all the lyrics to boost your self-worth as a Mixer. You got the power!

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