Here’s why the new Little Mix single is going to be the most controversial of 2016

We’ve been waiting patiently for Little Mix‘s next single after Jesy let it slip that we’d be hearing it soon and now we know what it is!


Their next single is said to be controversial af and titled ‘Shoutout To My Ex’. It’s probs a bit obvious who the ex could be and Jesus Palacious, the lad who is playing the ex in the video shoot kinda looks like Zayn. Awkward.


The reason all these deets got out is because Jesus posted about it on Instagram, not that we’re complaining. We can’t wait to see the video and neither can Mixers! They’ve even done some digging of their own about the track.


‘Shoutout To My Ex’ is going to be absolutely savage by the looks of it and we’re super curious about this track and video. It probably won’t just be about Zayn, cause yanno the other girls have exes too but we’ll all be having a meltdown once we see it in action. We wonder what Zayn thinks of it. What do YOU think of this? Tweet us @maximumpop with your thoughts.

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